What’s my name?

Hi darling. It’s been a couple days since I wrote anything in here. I tried a few times but ended up deleting everything, which I feel is kinda bad because writing everything down really helps me a lot, but I really haven’t been able to put anything together. It’s really messy inside my mind right now and nothing seem to make sense, I’m basically just rambling out a million different thoughts at the same time.

I’ve been struggling a lot with my sobriety the last week, more than ever before actually. I haven’t been drinking though, don’t worry. I’ve been sober 32 days today, and I’m planning on staying sober. Hopefully forever I guess. But at least a year. Just to get things straight and figure out what I want to do in life.

I’ve been writing a lot of music lately. I’m really starting to get into all that again, I enjoy singing and don’t mind playing other peoples songs at all, but it’s just more fun when you have written it yourself, especially when it turns out pretty good. I’m a bit rusty since I basically haven’t written any songs in years, but I’m getting better every day. It’s really great. I don’t think I’ll ever actually do anything with it though, that thing is kinda just for me and my own satisfaction, but we’ll see I guess. Maybe I’ll post some songs I wrote here some day.

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