Girl… stfu

Jesus Christ I’ve been such a mess the past few weeks. I literally cry over everything. Music, YouTube videos, books & movies. Even when it’s not sad. If something is the slightest emotional or nice I’m going to start bawling my eyes out, I’m a literal mess, and I have no idea what is happening. I just try to keep my shit together at work but I honestly barely make it through my shifts.

I don’t know dude, maybe it’s because so much is changing right now? Me getting sober, trying to figure life out and realizing there’s no love left between me & my partner. But the thing is that I don’t feel sad, I feel completely fine one second and the next I’m crying like a baby, and soon after I’m fine again. It’s like my emotions are outside my body instead of inside right now for some reason.

I’m not sad or depressed I’m just a fucking crybaby. So annoying, I’m literally pissing myself of every single day, lol.

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