I believe in the kindness of strangers

I’m not a religious person, I’ve never been. The only thing I’ve always believed in is love. And people. That everything happens for a reason and that it will all work out in the end, no matter how long or how tough the road might be. And I have never doubted it, not once. So maybe you could say that love is my religion. Such a cliché right?

Basically everyone I know would call me naive, but I feel like that is such a pessimistic word. I would rather say that I’m a lover.

But just because I’m a lover it doesn’t mean I’m stupid, I know I am naive, I’m well aware. Probably even too naive. I know how the world works. But I will still give people a million chances, because I believe we’re all good. Just some less or more than others. I don’t care, it’s just the way I am, and we are who we are right? People tell you all the time, you can’t change anyone. You can absolutely improve, but never change completely.

If someone hurt me, one of us are hurt. If I hurt them back, two of us would be hurt. And I don’t see how that is an improvement. 100% hurting is a lot of hurt. I’d rather just look the other way and move on with my life. And if that makes me stupid, well so be it.

I believe that being naive is the number one reason that kept me alive this far. I’ve been through a lot of shit, seen a lot of nasty things and lost a lot of people, but I always believed in bettering, even when everything seemed hopeless, I believed that one day everything would be fantastic, and I still do.

Believing in love & kindness is what has kept me going. So yes, I am obnoxiously naive, and fucking proud.

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