Sleeping beauty

It’s 3am and I’m having a short little break at work, having some coffee which obviously is an incredibly stupid idea if I want to be able to sleep in a couple hours. But c’mon I was really craving it, let a girl live a little. Speaking of sleep, I literally slept from 8am to 9pm yesterday. What the fuck happened there? And I wouldn’t even have gotten up if my boyfriend didn’t wake me up for work. Guess I really needed if after all these sleepless nights but anyway, that’s crazy. Haven’t slept like that since… ever? I woke up feeling like a princess though so it was totally worth it and also very needed.

Anyways, I work until 6am so I only have a couple of hours left, then I’ll just pick up some groceries on my way home, have some breakfast & then me and the kitty cats are off to bed! I just started watching a tv show called Supernatural, it’s about ghosts & demons n shit. Pretty funny, I usually watch an episode or two before I fall asleep. It reminds me a little bit of a series called sleepy hollow (not the Johnny Depp movie) that I remember I liked when I was younger. I want to rewatch it again soon but I can’t find it anywhere. Gotta keep looking for it!

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