Mostly rambling

What’s up buttercup? How’s it all going? You good?

I’m just sitting over here waiting for my problems to solve themselves. Or maybe just disappear! Wouldn’t that be great? Lol I wish it was that easy. I honestly don’t have the energy to work on my shit right now. I know I shouldn’t complain, and that is not what I am trying to do either, I’m just thinking out loud basically. And for some reason I almost only write when I’m in a negative mood, it feels nice to get it out of my head, put it down in writing and not think about it again. My positive thoughts (which is actually most of them believe it or not) I like to keep in my head. Because as soon as I write something down, I basically forget about it. And also, when I’m in a good mood I totally forget to write about it, because I’m just so in the feels you know. But maybe I should try to get better at it, it would actually be nice to be able to look back at some nice moments in here too, lol.

Oh shoot, I’m rambling again. I’m so sorry about that. Well, actually I’m not. We are who we are. That’s just how it is, darling.

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