The switch

Do you ever feel like you’re not just one person? That you’re a different person everyday or in different situations?

I feel like I always turn in to the person I need to be for the day. It’s kind of like playing a character I think. It’s not that I am this person, it’s more of a role I take on to be able to handle situations better.

There’s Katherine, the strong, independent, bossy and honestly a bit bitchy girl.

There’s May, the sweet & giggling, happy go lucky kind of girl.

And there’s Betty, the careful, responsible good girl. And the list goes on and on.

And I feel like I can switch between them in a heartbeat, and my mind & mood instantly changes. I’d say it’s very convenient, but also a bit confusing at times, especially when I’m trying to figure out which one of all these different personas is actually me.

Maybe one of all these characters are the real me, I just don’t have any idea which one anymore. Or maybe I am all of them in some way.

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