The bullies playground

Did you know I used to have a TikTok account? Lol, I know right. I mean I only tried it for a few months, but I did post every day. Wasn’t for me though.

I don’t know what it is but social media has just never been my thing. I made an instagram account a couple of years ago, I scroll through it almost every day but I never post anything. Same with Snapchat. I got one but never used it. Instagram can be kinda nice though, you know just lurking around. But TikTok was a completely different thing, I remember when I opened it up for the first time, it was like walking into a wall of just pure hate. It was crazy! Punches thrown left and right, always someone hating on someone, canceling people for the smallest things, threatening and bullying.

Me myself never got any mean comments like that, I had a small account with like 1500 followers and was mainly just trying to do cute videos so I was mostly spared. But just seeing all these other people get absolutely harassed and bullied made me feel awful, and eventually I couldn’t even open up the app anymore. Last thing I remember seeing was the sweetest girl just crying her eyes out because thousands & thousands of people would comment how fat and ugly she was on every single video she posted. That was the last time I was on TikTok, haven’t opened it since.

This format I love though. Blogging & writing. Maybe it’s because this won’t just get thrown in peoples faces, you won’t just scroll by it, you actually have to click your way in here, by choice. I think a lot of the hate gets limited by that. And that feels so relieving.

What’s your take on social media? Do you love it? Hate it? Or maybe something in between?

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