Party dresses & diamonds

I’m in my party dresses and diamonds era it seems. I romanticize everything these days. Alcohol, drugs, love & rage. Probably because I’m trying to get away from all that.

I’m trying to write but all I can think of is glittering, glimmering, shimmering crystals. High heels, dresses and big beauty queen hair. Hollywood glamour. So romantic & so tragic at the same time.

I miss partying, I miss the late summer nights out on the town. Dancing on tables & singing in bars. I fucking loved that shit. What I don’t miss is the alcohol, that’s what I’m trying to stay away from. I need to get that shit under control before I can go out again. I think I can be one hell of a party girl even without a drink in my hand, I’ve always been a showgirl. Sure, that went away for awhile under my dark period, but she’s still there. I can feel her.

The future is looking really bright from where I’m standing. Life is going to be like a fucking dream, darling.

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