Damn bitch I almost died

I’ve been feeling like a fucking princess lately, most of the time anyways, I’ve always got those deep, dark thoughts running through my head so maybe I sound a little blue in my writing but I actually enjoy it. It keeps me grounded and motivated.

Anyways, since I’ve been feeling fantastic lately reality of course had to come around and slap me across the face last night. I woke up an hour before I had to leave for work with the most aggressive stomach bug & fever I’ve had to battle in years. Jesus Christ that became an eventful night, and my poor boyfriend had to witness it all. I’ve never seen such terror in a man’s eyes before. Poor thing, probably traumatized for years.

I obviously had to call in sick for work, went back to bed & slept for 10 hours woke up this morning and felt amazing again, like nothing happened. That’s weird but hey, I’m not complaining. I guess I just ate something bad, because now I’m healthy as a horse again which means I’m going back to work tonight, unless the bug tries to sneak his way back in again but I think we’re safe for now at least.

Hope you had a better start to the week then I did, darlin’. Talk to you later!

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