Midnight thoughts

So I’ve been working the night shift basically my entire adult life, and I totally love it. It’s something about the dark & quiet at night. Sitting outside, having my “lunch” at midnight, completely by myself. It’s so calming. And then I get home early in the morning and sleep during the day when everyone is rushing outside. Of course it gets kind of lonely at times but I’ve never had any problems being by myself. Not since my teenage years at least. As a kid and teen I hated being alone, probably because I hated myself. I hated being an only child, and I always wished for siblings.

But now I’ve learned to enjoy my own company. My alone time is when I thrive. When I can write, read or do absolutely nothing without anyone bothering me. Learning to be alone with yourself and be absolutely fine with it is something I believe everyone would benefit from. It makes life so much more peaceful.

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